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Hi Lynn, I just received my Andromeda yarn in WOW!!! It is so incredibly soft and the paua shell matches it perfectly. I can't wait to create something with it. It is absolutely breathtaking. I had heard such fabulous things about your yarns and fibers and I must say that this yarn has surpassed your reputation - which is tough to do!! I think I'm keeping this one for me! :-) Thank you for such a fantastic transaction and amazing yarn. I will certainly be back.

Fiber order arrived in record time! Your fiber is beautiful! This is my second order, and I know I will be back again! A big fuzzyfiber thanks!!!!

Lynn, I just received my Plum Honey merino roving (what fast shipping!), and it is GORGEOUS! I just want to pet it and stare at it - such a beautiful blend of colors! Did you hand paint it or is it kettle dyed? What ever you did, it's stunning! Thanks!

I work at a bead store and am an avid knitter. Your yarns combine the beauty of fiber and beads without going gaudy.

Lynn is a yarn spinning genius! :)

I got my Welcome to the Caribbean, Love yarn today and it's *gorgeous*! I don't think I've ever seen a yarn quite so beautiful - I can't wait to knit this into a very special scarf!

I'm a *very* satisfied customer and I'm sure I'll be back - especially since there are a couple of other pirate yarns that are calling my name. ;)

I love your site, love your yarn...I'll be back.  I'm a yarn addict, so you might have to hold up the 'stop' sign if I get too carried away.

Hey There - I just wanted to drop by and say hello and to tell you that your "Pirate Yarns" (as well as the others, but *especially* the pirate ones;-)) are AMAZING!!! Seriously, just stunning. *clappy hands*



I got my Yarns today...They are beautiful! Thanks so much for taking the time to create and share your spinning...

Secret admirer

I think your yarns are lovely. I'd like to discuss them with you over a Guinness at Gogarty's.

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